What is Individuation?

Individuation is a central concept of analytical psychology

According to C. G. Jung individuation is a process of differentiation with the objective of developing an individual personality. Individuation - wholeness, self-realization is a path of integrating opposites and of overcoming fragmentation. Becoming whole does not imply a coherent appearance, it means to be full of contradictions and to overcome the opposition by finding a center through embracing both sides. Incidentally, this corresponds precisely to the yin and yang principle.

Individuation tries to give an answer to the question "Who am I apart from what I already know about myself?" Individuation is a necessity as its evasion leads to orientation to collective norms which impairs your individual life activity. Also, individuation is distinction from the common and the development of something unique. Additional, preferred features are never added during a process of individuation, rather those unique features that are already there are developed.