Ter-lu-sol-logie - the breathing type teaching of ERICH WILK

terra: earth, luna: moon, sol :sun and -logie, the greek word for teaching joined to an artificial word. Terlusollogie has been designed in the 1930´s, but spread very slowly. ERICH WILK  discovered that everyone breathes according to two breathing type that correspond to the fundamental principle of active and passive or yin and yang. 


There are two types of breathing

The lunar inhaling type and the solar exhaling type are set from the day we are born. Knowing your type and breathing accordingly provides higher levels of well-being and performance because breathing, posture and movement are closely linked.


The ignorance of the types of breath affects the solar exhalers

Exhalers are disadvantaged everywhere where respiratory recommendations are given because the general recommendations refer to the inhalers. In sports, one should inhale while making an effort and exhale while relaxing. But exhalers draw their strength from exhalation, so they should exhale with the load. Ignorance of breath types also causes physiotherapists, midwives, and other health professionals to accuse exhalers of not breathing properly.


Significant performance improvement due to consideration of breathing type

Meanwhile, Terlusollogy is used in connection with singing, Asian Movement Arts, Yoga and also business coaching. There are different body postures for inhalers and exhalers in Taijiquan that optimize the flow of energy. Inhalers, in principle, have a very upright posture while sitting and standing, while exhalers should be slightly bent forward. The prototype of an inhaler is Charly Chaplin in his upright gait, the prototype of the exhaler is Barack Obama, who always has a slightly bent stance.


Determine your breathing type

Using tables that document the influence of Yin and Yang, the type of breath can be determined in most cases. In some cases it is necessary to test the breath type. These tests are really amazing. The subject  poses in the position of the inhaler and of the exhaler one after the other. He is "pushed" by the tester. If he is in "his" position according to his type of breathing, he is so stable that the tester loses his grip while trying to push him away.


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