Feng Shui at FC Bayern


The classic of misunderstood Feng Shui

When Jürgen Klinsmann took the lead with FC Bayern in 2008, he brought the club a new philosophy. Among other things, he took care of the room design, personality coaching of the players, well - being and energy. Unfortunately, he was very badly advised when he had four Buddha statues positioned on the roof of the club center in Säbener Strasse. We explain why this idea went wrong.


A Buddha as a symbol for the protection of a house has some requirements  to its position: First, he needs a roof over his head. In Asia, protective enclosures for the Buddha are erected outside. These also provide the desired back protection. Furthermore, a Buddha should stand on the same level with humans, not on the ground but on a pedestal. A roof is in turn much too high and also completely unprotected. The Buddha in the outside should look at the house and not from him. In the interior of a house, the Buddha is best placed to look at the door and prevent unfavorable energies from entering.

sixt reagiert auf feng shui beim fc bayern


Who does the damage does not need to care for the mocking itself. The company Sixt also thought and created this campaign shortly after the Buddhas had disappeared again.