Expert on Change Management and Coherence

Feng Shui Consultation of Private Clients

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Feng Shui Flow

Promoting Health Consciously and Sustainably

Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow

Analyzing and evaluating real estate

We transform stress to flow! Feng Shui Flow

Feng Shui buildings and gardens use the vital energies of nature to create spaces where people feel recharged and inspired. We offer mindful, sensible and competent high quality consultation (comprehensive knowledge in Eastern and Western techniques) free from dogma, mysticism, esoterics and accessories. Our enthusiasm is dedicated to the wholistic consultation of our clients: We develop potentials, optimize processes and revitalize the environment of our customers with modern, clean interior design. Creating individual and healthy spaces - and transforming stress to flow - that is our mission! 


expert on change management and coherence

Expert on change management and coherence
Strategies for transformation and resilience
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feng shui consultation of private clients

Feng Shui consultation of private clients 
Balance and ease in your home
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business consulting by feng shui flow

Business consulting by Feng Shui Flow 
Integral concepts for your company´s success
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promoting health consciously and sustainably

Promoting health consciously and sustainably 
Complementary methods for stress reduction
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landscaping by feng shui flow

Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow
In unision and harmony with nature
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Real Estate

analyzing and evaluating real estate

Analyzing and evaluating real estate
Feel comfortable in your own home
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Our consultations are based on the classic, authentic Feng Shui, which is part of the Tao (Taoism), the teaching of living in harmony with the environment. This empirical science is over 4000 years old and its principles are corresponding to those of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.  Instructions for do-it-yourself Feng Shui, accessories, indoor fountains, etc. on the other hand belong to a decorative esoteric "teaching", from which we distance ourselves. We combine eastern knowledge with western as geomancy, the doctrine of the soul of a place, which has been used since the 12th century in Europe to find good places for churches and villages. The Muten geobiological forces (dowsing) is an essential component of geomancy and we use it as well as modern measurement technique for determining electro-biological stresses (roost sites).