From Stress to Flow with Feng Shui 3.0

 feng shui flow

Feng Shui Flow is quality of life! It means to be in harmony with the world without having to fight! The Chinese call this state Wu Wei - the effortless power. In the first place stands the coaching of people and enterprises to understand blockades and problems as indicators and to transform them on a higher level of knowledge. In order to manifest the inner harmony, the outside is also harmonized, rooms and gardens get a noticeable added value of vitality and well-being and resonance is being created.


Feng Shui 3.0 is the science of the interactions between matter, energy and mind. In earlier versions the mythical knowledge was brought into simple, linear contexts, which can hardly be surpassed in triviality. "Water causes wealth" (cause-effect, Feng Shui 1.0), "Water in the south-east causes wealth" (systemic view, Feng Shui 2.0). In fact, the issue of wealth is associated with active kwas found in the south-east and interacting with many other factors. Feng Shui 3.0 is based on the synchronicity principle, the synchronous vibration from inside and outside and not on a mechanistic causality principle.

The services of Feng Shui Flow according to areas of interest:


expert on change management and coherence

Expert on Change Management  and Coherence
Strategies for transformation and resilience


feng shui consultation of private clients

Feng Shui Consultation of Private clients 
Balance and ease in your home


business consulting by feng shui flow

Business Consulting by Feng Shui Flow 
Integral concepts for your company´s success


promoting health consciously and sustainably

Promoting health consciously and sustainably 
Complementary methods for stress reduction


landscaping by feng shui flow

Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow
In unision and harmony with nature

Real Estate

analyzing and evaluating real estate

Analyzing and Evaluating Real Estate
Feel comfortable in your own home

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