We transform stress to flow! Feng Shui Flow

Feng Shui is the structure  of  the  world, the inner, invisible force that determines the order of the physical world. The inner world is subject to different laws than Newtonian physics can explain. In order to rationally grasp the mode of action of Feng Shui, linearity and causality must be extended to the concepts of complexity and synchronicity, it is a paradigm shift. Being able to control this complex inner world brings the added value of well-being, health and ease, making the difference between stress and flow. 

The easier way to understand Feng Shui is to trust one's perception, for each person feels when things are in harmony, when they flow and do not have to be fought for. Good Feng Shui is always an individual  recipe for people and companies, for spaces and gardens, in which the complex structure of space, time, human and intention is harmonized. The change takes place inside and out, so the results are visible, tangible and sustainable.

We analyze and optimize real estate so that people live and work healthier and more successfully. Our know-how is based on extensive study of Eastern and Western methods and a holistic way of thinking. The special feature of our integral  concepts is, on the one hand, the preventive orientation, we evaluate real estate before it is built, and on the other hand, the identity-creating design.

Our main focus concerning business consulting is problem-solving competence. We comprehend complex situation immediately, identify unconscious patterns and design fast-acting, ethical and innovative solution strategies.

The services of Feng Shui Flow according to areas of interest:


expert on change management and coherence

Expert on Change Management  and Coherence
Strategies for transformation and resilience


feng shui consultation of private clients

Feng Shui Consultation of Private clients 
Balance and ease in your home


business consulting by feng shui flow

Business Consulting by Feng Shui Flow 
Integral concepts for your company´s success


promoting health consciously and sustainably

Promoting health consciously and sustainably 
Complementary methods for stress reduction


landscaping by feng shui flow

Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow
In unision and harmony with nature

Real Estate

analyzing and evaluating real estate

Analyzing and Evaluating Real Estate
Feel comfortable in your own home

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