Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow

landscaping by feng shui flow

Landscaping by Feng Shui Flow is the professional, holistic concept of a garden, which can gradually be turned into a true dream garden with affordable costs. Significantly more vitality, clarity and structure through analysis of local energies and implementation in individual designs.


In unision and harmony with nature

Harmony arises when space, time and human form a unity. By analyzing these three types of Chi, we create an energy matrix that becomes the basis of the garden concept. Location factors, the soul of the place, the wishes of our customers as well as our love and experience in landscaping  form the further ingredients for a garden design, which produces noticeably more well-being in the house and garden.


Every garden needs a concept

In our practice we regularly experience that gardens lack structure and theme. We offer you the professional planning of your garden, which you can implement with your own work or with the support of a gardening company. The costs of our concepts are NOT in relation to the construction costs, as we are not bound by the fee schedule of the architects HOAI. Many of our clients make their own way to stunning gardens with a manageable budget.