Our USP - Your Benefits

our usp

1.) Unique Expertise - New Perspectives, Effective Solutions

The core of our consultancy is to convey a new holistic perspective - the awareness of contexts, to provide improved options for action. Our expertise consists of synergistic eastern and western methods, traditional wisdom systems, deep psychological insights and modern technology. Our solutions are on a different level than the problem and we implement the solutions in the environment of our customers. We develop modern design concepts of high aesthetic value. Our expertise also provides solutions for complex tasks in the areas of personal development, workplace health promotion, employer branding, corporate identity, management, leadership and marketing.


2.) Systemic Consulting - Sustainable Changes 

As inside so outside, as above so below, this is the principle of analogies. People are always in interaction with their environment. Our approach is based on changing the perspective of people and their spaces. This way, processes are accelerated and our clients are able to deal more consciously with their individual energy needs in the future  and to obtain their energy supply.


3.) Consultancy by Vocation - Ambassador of a Society Change 

Passion for the job and the right techniques are just one half of  the funds necessary to truly serve people as a consultant. The other half is the right mental attitude and the established practice in self-life. Our ideal is freedom from egoism, the pursuit of truth, focus on refinement of the self and the fight against unnecessary mystification. We would like to pass on our experience of change, because it is possible to leave the rat race (also as an entrepreneur) and to transform stress in flow -  the paradigm of abundance. 


4.) High Sensivity - The Truffle Pig for Disorders of All Kind

The highly sensitive perception of Silke Nierfeld feels on factors that are beyond the classical analytical methods. It detects faults before they have manifested. Her concepts process the wealth of details in the analysis and result in clearly structured solutions, since she has an unerring sense for the essentials. Her ideas are holistic, intelligent and sustainable and also meet the requirements of particularly vulnerable groups such as newborns, sick or highly sensitive people.


5.) Supporting Individuation - Self-Development as Competence for the Future 

Truthful change is always based on the internal potentials. We plot the energy potential of people through the BaZi Suanming and coach in terms of internal leadership. Individuation differs from individualism by putting its own development at the service of a larger development process. Taking peculiarities into account raises hope for better benefits to society as opposed to their suppression. (Source C. G. Jung)


6.) Comprehensive Range of Services - Complete Solutions from a Single Source

Our offer includes analysis, concept, design, consulting, design, procurement, coordination, management, training and acceptance. Our many years of experience in project management make the way we work structured, efficient, on time and within budget.


7.) Service Orientation - We Work When and Where You Want

We  work when our customers can take a mental break from their daily business, e.g. in the evening, on holidays and on weekends. Our customers can use our free follow-up service in terms of the implementation of the harmonization concept. The area of our operation is not limited to Germany, whether Europe or the world - we are flexible and can also manage major projects abroad.