Our approach

from  stress to flow

Stress is the central theme of our time and a result of ubiquitous economic demands. Under pressure to cope with increasingly complex tasks ever more efficiently people lose their zest for life and health. We deliver effective strategies for businesses and individuals to think differently, to get out of the rat race and to transform stress in flow so that health can readjust on a physical, mental and emotional level.


What is stress?

Stress is caused by an imbalance of tension and relaxation. An overloaded muscle is unable to completely let go, does not regenerate and thereby loses its efficiency. On the psychological level analogous processes take place. Stress leads to fatigue, sleep problems and chronic complaints.


Who is affected?

The World Health Organization considers stress as one of the biggest health risks of the 21st century. According to a recent study on the "stress state" of the nation in 2013 every third German suffers from chronic stress. Other studies have shown that stress can already affect students in primary school and be a major factor in the increasing number of mental and chronic illness and diseases. It affects all age groups and walks of life.


The environment affects the well-being

In a culture where we spend 80 - 90% of our time indoors, the importance of our surroundings to our well-being is severely underestimated. All of us have entered an unfamiliar room, space or even landscape before and immediately felt comfortable. This quality of feeling cannot be created with interior design or beautiful furniture alone. What we humans (but also animals) perceive is good Feng Shui, a vital energy.


Feng Shui is a quality of places

Good Feng Shui is generated by the forces of nature. Favorite vacation spots - whether the mountains or the sea - also have this high energy which makes relaxing and recovering there preferrable to your home. What if your house had the quality of a resort and you could optimally recharge all year? Why do companies miss out on the opportunity to create an atmosphere that inspires people to bring their best performance? Because they do not know yet that there exist authentic Feng Shui methods to revitalize their business premises and to help create this environment.




We want people to live more relaxed, to work with joy and to age healthier.

Silke Nierfeld - Feng Shui Flow




The term Feng Shui comprises quite a potpourri

Unfortunately, to most people Feng Shui is only known for esoteric trumpery and indoor fountains. Even beyond the do-it-yourself Feng Shui the situation is confusing. Consultants of all stripes promise to activate happiness and wealth. No customer can assess whether the methods only modify the surface or have a long-lasting energetic impact.
Very few consultants (neither in the West nor Asia) are familiar with Imperial Feng Shui, the authentic knowledge of the Chinese Imperial Palace. These techniques provide detailed information which energy poises, vitalizes and furthermore personalizes a room for its user. Differentiated design concepts integrate the energetic aspect in the interior design, thus a new quality of well-being and health is created which is not visible (no accessories) but clearly noticeable.



Business Feng Shui - Pleasure in performance instead of pressure to perform

The deliberately modified room atmosphere supports work processes and makes corporate values tangible. Creativity, concentration and communication are enabled, executives supported in their duties. As a result, employees feel motivated, committed and satisfied.
Health is an economic factor, spacial health an untapped potential in the promotion of health, prevention of burnout and the sustainability of companies.