What is "Imperial" Feng Shui?

imperial feng shui

Imperial Feng Shui is the authentic Feng Shui teaching that has been practiced and taught exclusively at the Chinese Imperial Palace and is practised by us.

Imperial Feng Shui are advanced methods

Feng Shui developed from the Chinese Natural Philosophy - the observation of nature and its laws. Feng Shui analyzes time and space (heavenly and earthly chi) to determine the best time and the best place for each person's chi.
The methods of Imperial Feng Shui are extremely accurate. In the classic Feng Shui, the eight sky directions are divided into three mountains each, resulting in 24 mountains at 15 °. Imperial Feng Shui works with the 64 hexagrams of I-Ching, which each correspond to 5.6 ° and are again distinguished in kinship lines of 0.93° each. The smaller the measurand, the greater the effect.


Imperial Feng Shui served the maintenance of power

Imperial Feng Shui was designed to secure the power of the Emperor. While the Emperor was always in the best of energies, the knowledge about Feng Shui was withheld from his people. Thus the rulers had a tremendous advantage. This principle worked very long until the Chinese Cultural Revolution, when Feng Shui was banned.


Imperial Feng Shui is a two-year postgraduate course

After completing a classical Feng Shui counselor training that should not take less than 1,5 years, you can study Imperial Feng Shui. This challenging education provides a deeper understanding of Chinese philosophy and practical application of Feng Shui. Following the Imperial training, Yuen Hom can be learned, a method of landscape acupuncture, also based on the 64 hexagrams.  Yuen Hom provides solutions that go far beyond common methods, also real estate deficits can really be compensated.