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Feng Shui – die inhärente Ordnung der Welt

This is an essay about authentic Feng Shui. It is profound knowledge about the difference between trivial and real Feng Shui. You may read it online on the Integrales Forum where it has been published or you can download the article here.

Number 1 of the  10 best Feng Shui Blogs = Feng Shui Flow

10 beste Feng Shui Blogs

Our first video on Youtube: 


 The Journal Frankfurt has awarded us in his special issue
"Living in Frankfurt"

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Among  300 addresses are only two recommended Feng Shui consultants.
We are very proud of this award.



Designing practice rooms with Feng Shui - A benefit for the patient and therapist

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In the February issue 2016 of Naturopathy Journals we wrote about how to improve health and well-being in the practice rooms. The article explains the operation of authentic Feng Shui, its relation to health, the factors of space and the special health benefits for practices. You can read or download the PDF in German.



Feng Shui in the test - a contribution of RTL Hessen

rtl video feng shui im test A journalist has worked with companions from the Internet about Feng Shui. Dissatisfied with the results she questioned me as an expert, and explores the difference to a professional Feng Shui consulting. Watch video (German)



An interview about Feng Shui at Hessischer Rundfunk


radio interview

How to design your home so that the energy can flow well, is the title of the interview with Mr. Bauerochse at the Hessischer Rundfunk. Listen to Interview (German)