Relaxation and Balance

relaxation and balance

Relaxation and balance are the two factors that transform an apartment or a house into a recreation area. We achieve this goal with three steps: analysis of space and man, a concept for the harmonization and the implementation in a design to your liking. Feng Shui accessories aren´t used at all, we work exclusively with the energy of the room colors and furniture.



The procedure

First, an Imperial Feng Shui analysis determines the energies that are present on the premises. This is done by several methods and examines aspects of geographic orientation, temporal factors, the flow of energy, the quality of rooms in terms of stability and health (Yin) and activity, future prospects and financial outlook (Yang).

Then we develop a concept which determines the energies of the 5 elements and the forms that have to be added to balance each room. We also supplement your personal supportive energy that we have identified through the BaZi Suanming and your personal good directions. On this basis we create the recommendations for the best use, the selection and arrangement of furniture and the color scheme for the entire living area.




We transform your home into
your personal recreation area,
so you can take advantage of traveling while on vacation.

Silke Nierfeld - Feng Shui Flow






The Implementation

A recommendation corresponds to the energy of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal or water. You can choose within a wide range of options to activate a certain energy. We advise you with color charts, fabric samples and shopping tips. On many trade fairs at home and abroad, we have discovered interesting suppliers and we know the furniture industry from Ikea to the design classics. Together we develop the interior design of your home so that you can choose colors that are already anchored positively in your color memory.

Each object of your furniture e.g., lamps, rugs, etc. will be determined according to the 5 elements cycle and filed into the overall concept. The dominant aspects in a room are wall, ceiling and floor colors, because they exert the strongest influence due to their size. Here the material also plays a role. Parquet and laminate flooring both belong to the element earth. But real wood has the ability to store energy while the plastics can not.

We also examine whether bedrooms are loaded with a view to geobiological faults zones or electromagnetic loads. This ensures that the environment supports your healthy sleep.



The result

The ideal use of the rooms, the balance of energy and the harmonious design bring you to a new level of well-being and health. You and your family will feel and enjoy this sustainably. The feeling of relaxation begins immedeatly.