BaZi Suanming - The Energetic Profile

bazi suanming

BaZi Suanming identifies the energetic profile of a person, his inner structure called fate by the Chinese. The fate determines the character, the character in turn determines how destiny is mastered, so it is a correlation. In contrast to astrology, BaZi Suanming not only provides insight, but also tangible solutions how one's own life can be mastered better.


The BaZi Suanming provides individual solutions

BaZi Suanming is not astrology in the Western sense, because it does not refer to the constellation of stars and planets, but to the ten thousand year calendar Wannianli, which is a solar and lunar calendar. The BaZi analyzes the energetic parts of a human being in their individual constellation. While other personality systems differentiate 9, 12, 16, or 24 types, BaZi Suanming has 12,960,000 constellations. This complexity is governed by principles that give everyone the freedom to find their own way to happiness and harmony.



You cannot change the melody of your soul

Katherine Hepburn


The energetic structure forms the character

BaZi Suanming is a new perspective on the personality. It reveals the structures that led to the formation of the character and often provides the justification why certain patterns of behavior have manifested and lead to recurrent problems. We know from quantum theory that things behave differently under observation. This effect is also produced by BaZi analysis. Awareness of unfavorable aspects undermines their power. They can be handled more confidently and  release space for the development of further facets of the personality. Draining conflicts are reduced, man comes closer to himself.

 bazi the energetic profile

Individual support through BaZi analysis

The BaZi analyzes the human being in its entirety as an energetic system. In the end, there is a result that specifically states which energy in the sense of the element phases is supportive for him and which he should not reinforce, because he already has enough or even too much of it. Sometimes, a very specific energy can close an unstable energetic constellation that has tormented a human for a long time. The supportive energy can be supplied in many ways, through spatial forces, activities, colors and of course the power of the mind. You might  hang a picture in the direction of your work-desk, which symbolizes the desired energy. For example, a sailing yacht for a person whose support is water. Please do not believe that a picture illustrating water could activate the energy of water. Such causalities are an expression of a linear way of thinking, but the inner world is complex and not linear.


Life planning can be supported with BaZi 

BaZi Suanming also highlights the highs and lows in life, as time is a sequence of different energetic phases. By knowing which energy is individually supportive, one can predict whether a particular phase will bring more tailwind or more headwind for a person. These statements are related to the areas of life and not only of general nature. Topics like family and career planning can be effectively supported. We are proud to have been involved a few times to bring a planned baby to the world. We did BaZi advice and optimized the bedroom to Feng Shui. However, not every BaZi clearly shows the child aspect, so we can not promise that beforehand.


Professional Feng Shui is always linked to the BaZi

The BaZi is essential to any good Feng Shui consultation. It enables us to see through the eyes of our customers and understand their energy needs. Intuitive Feng Shui mixes the energy system of the consultant with that of the customer, therefore we always work with the BaZi – also in Business Feng Shui. The information that we draw from the BaZi, we bring into the environment of our customers, in his home, his office and the garden.


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