Lo-Pan - The Swiss army knife

lo pan feng shui compass

A Lo-Pan is a compass for Feng Shui consultants with many additional functions, it is like a Swiss army knife. 

A Lo-Pan measures more than the directions

The essential is that a Lo-Pan is not just a measuring instrument. Of course, one determines with him the direction, but primarily it comes to the measurement of Chi. The Lo-Pan is applied to the house with body contact by the Feng Shui consultant, creating a connection of the subtle energy of home and counselor.

Neither a north arrow on the floor plan, nor GPS data can replace the measurement with a Lo-Pan. This has to do with the fact that GPS data and north arrow are aligned to the geographic North Pole, while the Lo-Pan is facing the magnetic North Pole. On the other hand, chi is not static.


Chi changes

Feng Shui distinguishes temporal chi phases, which are noted in the Chinese calendar. Every year, tables are also published informing about days of the new year when the chi has a particularly tenacious energy that is not suitable for measuring. The weather also influences the chi, as well as the development of the neighborhood.