What is a Feng Shui garden?

feng shui garden

A Feng Shui garden stands out due to its particularly high vitality which, among others, is created by the deliberate combination of Yin and Yang elements. Based on calculations that are linked to the cardinal points, favorite places are designed in the good areas of the garden while less good areas are used for functional purposes (e.g. the tool shed).



Life begins the day on which
one starts a garden.

Chinese proverb



The idea of a garden

The original idea of a garden is the creation of a piece of idealized nature. In Chinese garden art, water, stones, paths and buildings (pavilions) are just as important as the plants. However, do not confuse a Chinese garden with a Feng Shui garden. A Chinese garden is understood to mean a particular look created by the aforementioned elements. The Feng Shui garden, on the other hand, can have any look. Its characteristic is the energetic quality, which is noticeable both in the garden and in the house. The conscious arrangement of yin and yang elements, for example grasses (yang) with stones (yin), increases the energetic quality. A Feng Shui Garden is not a Chinese Garden


A Feng Shui Garden is based on calculations

The essence of the Feng Shui Garden is the identification of its energetic structure. We combine Eastern and Western methods like the dowsing of water veins which is part of the Western Geomancy and just as important as methods of Imperial Feng Shui. Feng Shui ensures optimal supply of house and property with good Chi, which promotes good health and well-being.


The front yard has an important role in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a holistic system that looks at land and buildings together and matches each other and its inhabitants. The front garden as an entry point of energy to the property is of major importance. Unfortunately, this fact is largely unknown, which is why valuable potential remains unexploited. The front garden does not have to be large or grand, even an area of only one meter deep is sufficient to bring good energy to the house. A detailed explanation is to be found on our site examples from the practice.