What is Reiki?

what is reikiReiki is energy, the all-pervading power. Literally Rei: "spirit", "soul" and Ki (Qi, Chi) means "energy", "nature".

DR. MIKAO USUI from Kyoto rediscovered this power end of the last century. Reiki is rooted in Buddhism and Shintoism - the two main religions of Japan. The intention of Reiki is the curing of diseases, the body's health, the balance of the mind, the strengthening of existing talents and the gaining of happiness.

Access to Reiki is gradual, each level is associated with an iauguration and their own symbols. Uninitiated may not have access to the symbols, which is why Reiki can not be learned from books. The use of Reiki has a meditative character and can be enhanced by personal affirmations. Unlike other forms of energy work one does not work  with its own energy in Reiki, which is why self-treatments are possible. The Reiki practitioner is a channel through which the universal energy flows. DR. USUI left five Reiki rules, their compliance is required to be a pure channel. This dates back to the Meiji Emperor of Japan (1868 - 1912). As a Reiki Master, I can confirm the positive effects of longtime Reiki practice. It is the internal use of energy for the physical, mental and emotional balance.