Feng Shui Landscaping

planning feng shui garden

Feng Shui Landscaping means to analyze the existing forces of nature at the site and to develop a corresponding concept. Unfavorable areas are revitalized and the flow of energy is increased. The garden, the house and it´s inhabitants are connected to a harmonious whole. You will feel the difference!




Create harmony in the middle, and heaven and earth get their proper place, and all things prosper.

Li Gi the book of Rites and customes - a teaching of Confucian teachings.


The procedure of  Feng Shui landscaping

If you have decided after a detailed and free preliminary talk to assign us with the planning of your garden, then we take the following steps:

1.Talk about your wishes 

First we discuss your ideas and find out how your garden should look like. Which colors do you like, which plants and – very importantly – how much time you want to invest into caring for your garden. The principles of Feng Shui can be implemented with any desired style, near-natural or stylish, romantic or formal. A cottage garden is possible, as is a Japanese, Mediterranean one or a rockery. We are also familiar with the latest trends like Prairie beds and New German Gartenlust.
Which elements would you like to integrate into your garden? Terraces, barbecue areas, lawn areas, sandpits, swings, privacy, vegetable patches, herb gardens or water (fountain, pond, swimming pond)? Are there pets or hobbies (e.g. Slacklining, trampoline, table tennis) that should be considered?


2. Analysis if the energetic matrix

The second step is the energetic analysis of the garden, the house and its residents and the conceptual design of an optimal energy matrix. The matrix tells us where particularly good spaces are, where water can be positioned and where shed and compost find their place. This step also includes the investigation of the terrain with the dowsing rod to find places of power, water veins or fault zones that are considered in the design.


3. Refinement of the matrix

In the third step we fill the structure with life. Energy follows the attention so we choose elegant patches, art objects or even seats for the best zones. All attractions of the garden are connected with paths among themselves – which also serves subtle purposes. Walls, decorative fences or hedges ensure that the power is maintained. We attach particular importance to the selection of the respective plant varieties and match their flower colors, leave shapes, flowering times and habitat requirements.


4. Implementation of the concept

Some of our clients have entrusted us with the project management and we have implemented the project in cooperation with a gardening and landscaping company. Some clients prefer to do all the work themselves and only get support for singular tasks. In any case, we will send you a complete dossier that will make independent implementation a piece of cake and we will always assist you with our free follow-up service.


5. The costs of Feng Shui landscaping

The costs for the planning of a Feng Shui garden are totally divorced from the construction costs. Feng Shui concepts connect the grounds, the house and its inhabitants energetically with each other and are implemented through the design. Therefore, subject to the concepts is not the HOAI, the fee order for architects and engineers. If you have questions about a garden planning, please feel free to contacts us without any obligation.