We have conducted numerous consultations at home and abroad. To respect the trust placed in us names and information about our customers stay confidential during and beyond the consultation period.


Customer Testimonials


2016 Office Design with a good eye

For the overdue renovation of my office, I have decided after extensive research to instruct someone non-local. The rooms should become not only renovated but also "more" and Ms. Nierfelds work seemed to me worth the effort; her approach, to implement  Feng Shui professionally and without Chichi convinced me. The planning of the conversion was then fairly straightforward, with two on-site meetings, we were able to implement everything according to my ideas. With the new room partition I am more than satisfied and grateful for the helpful suggestions of Ms. Nierfeld to equipment and design.


2016 Reconstruction Planning

After buying an older house that needed to be altered we called in Feng Shui Flow to support the process. Ms. Nierfeld looked at the same plan from a different perspective than the architect. Luckily we had her backing, because in addition to the planning of the building extension and the garden, the room arrangement and orientation of the beds, there were many many small things that needed to be decided. Whether room colors, cabinet material or the choice of the door, Ms. Nierfeld always based her recommendations on her calculations and a very good intuition for colors. You can tell just how much she enjoyed the planning and consultation process and she impressed us with her great ideas for the interior and the garden.


2015 Expat in Germany

Moving to Germany was such a hustle. Was so happy to find Silke. She did not only work on the Feng Shui and the right colors for the house, she planned the kitchen and did all research we needed. Feeling home in Frankfurt, thank you.


2015 Garden Planning

We can already see on the map how the energy flows. Thank you for your ideas, dear Ms. Nierfeld, I am really happy.


2014 Business Consultation

Lots of new admissions, personal customer dialogues, inquiries and expansion of the current customer base thanks to your consultation. Satisfied employees who are happy about the utilization rate, myself included.


2014 Businesswoman, Store Operating

We still haven't had an official opening ceremony but the store is going so well, we are incredibly happy! Thank you!


2013 Hotel Manager

Silke made us understand that there is a correlation between Feng Shui and the architecture. Previously there had always been guests who didn't find their way to the restaurant they were looking for (there are five). We implemented the changes she recommended and now the energy is more clear and people find their way easily.


2013 Physiotherapist

I was not thrilled when Mrs Nierfeld talked me out of the shop I wanted to rent. I had searched for such a long time and wanted to finally start my own business. A few weeks later we set up another store according to Feng Shui. What can I say, things couldn't be going better :-)


2012 Alternative Practitioner

I hired  Ms. Nierfeld to plan the renovation of my practice. The consultation was very professional, the service pleasant and the result shows: she knows what she's doing. Not only the patients consistenly comment on favorably and the employees are motivated afresh, the revenue has been going up, too. Go figure. Thank you.


2012 Real Estate Owner

After moving into a new apartment, I decided to furnish it according to the principles of Feng Shui. I read one book after the other and set up the apartment :-) Until I came across a "bad" book according to which half of my apartment was located in the "end of life" area. Panicked and completely terrified I decided to call a professional Feng Shui consultant to talk about my suspicion and to put my mind at ease.
Quickly I made up my mind to call Ms. Nierfeld. She immediately managed to dispel my fears and helped me realize that Feng Shui books are of no use as a layman cannot create good Feng Shui from a book.
Ms. Nierfeld then did a Feng Shui consultation for the rooms and what can I say... they are not necessarily the colors I would have picked... but it feels so good, very right... and .. I sleep calmer... I also have the feeling that we got a really professional consultation and I claim myself to be quite picky.

My conclusion: we spend money on so many things, if you want to do something for yourself, treat yourself to a consultation by Ms. Nierfeld.


2011 Dentist

My practice needed a renovation, it was all getting a bit old. Ms. Nierfeld developed the corporate design for us with colors that support health. First, a logo and then a color scheme for the rooms. We have implemented everything and the result is impressive.


2011 Owner of a City Garden

Ms. Nierfeld has excellent taste in furniture and garden design. Her consultation is competent, empathetic and very kind. Discuss a problem with her and she will find a solution. I will definitely call her again for the next project.