The Five Elements Cycle

wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the five elementsThe Five Elements are actually tranformation phases

The Five Elements Cycle is one of the pillars of Asian philosophy. It divides everything that exists in five categories. While in the West the  four elements fire, earth, water and air are tied together with an idea of resistance and originality, element in the East really means transformation phase.


The elements transform into another

The elements: Wood - fire - earth - metal - water go through dynamic processes in which they strengthen, weaker, control or overcome each other. Overcoming means that elements transform into another, i.g. yang fire and yin metal together transform to water.


Feng Shui is about the balance of the elements

In Feng Shui it is not about to strengthen a particular item massively. This is true even if the characteristic of the element is conducive to the purpose of the room (such as water for communication). It's always about to make a balance of the elements, so that the energy flows. Which energies are present in a room, can be calculated  with Feng Shui methods