Strengths of our Feng Shui Garden Design

strength of our garden design

We offer even more than professional Feng Shui garden design, we increase the vitality of home and garden and connect people and their environment to a harmonious whole. For this we use the forces of nature in a professional, non-intuitive way with Western and Eastern techniques.


The advantages you´ll get

When know-how, experience and enthusiasm come together, you can count on extraordinary results. We work completely different from garden architects or gardeners and landscapers, because we do not only consider the visible, but especially the non-visible aspects. Using the forces of nature is the secret of Feng Shui gardens. You will see and feel the difference, and the plants will thrive more splendidly.


  • We love garden planning

    Love and dedication help us to develop new gardening idea tirelessly
    We collect those ideas in a great archive
    We have decades of experience in practical gardening
    We are also happy to assist you with individual problems, not only with complete concepts
  • Using professional Feng Shui methods

    We analyze visible things (Form School) with a trained eye
    And invisible things with advanced methods like 24 Heavenly Stars, advanced Ba Chop, Double Mountain, Chi Calculation
  • Skilful water placement – the secret weapon of Feng Shui

    Water is the most powerful source of energy in Feng Shui
    But it can only be beneficial in an active position – which must be calculated
  • The connection of Eastern and Western Methods

    The geomancy (literally "prophecy of the earth") is the Western sister of Feng Shui
    We are trained in this discipline as well
    Each of our designs is done in harmony with the power and soul of the place
  • We find the favorite spots - also for your plants

    With dowsing rods we examine your garden for water veins, faults, etc.
    Among the plants there are radiation seekers and radiate escapers
    A plant in the wrong location does not thrive and grows bizarrely which we are able to prevent
  • Solution strategies for the garden, house and the individual with Yuen Hom

    Yuen Hom is known as the royal discipline of Feng Shui in China
    It ties the three types of Chi - celestial, human and earthly to one energy matrix
    We enable and enhance this matrix for your holistic and sustainable support
  • Individual support through BaZi Suanming

    The calculation of BaZi leads to the knowledge of someone's personal energy needs
    Each form of energy (e.g. fire, earth, water, etc.) is associated with a spatial quality
    The desired energy is activated by connecting the location (e.g., a sector in the garden) with the individual