Feng Shui Garden Pictures

picture feng shui landscaping

Presenting Feng Shui gardens in pictures is actually not possible, because the essential difference is the vitality that you can only feel and not see. But you can look at the deliberate combination of yin and yang elements and get an idea that really every style is realizable. 


Pictures of gardens we visited

The subsequent gardens were created for exhibition purposes and are not real Feng Shui gardens. But, the principles of Feng Shui have, for the most part, been incorporated into the art of garden design, so that good gardeners also slightly optimize the visible part of Feng Shui without being aware of it. We visit garden shows and seminars to always get new inspiration and we make our pictures there. If you would like to know how a complete Feng Shui garden design works, please read our article on the process. The advantages of our concepts are explained in this article.


Telegraph garden - an English garden of a different kind

This garden shows how charming the contrast of strict forms and wild border of flowers is. It is the skillful staging of Yin and Yang, a basic principle of Feng Shui.


  • telegraph-garden-a
  • telegraph-garden-b
  • telegraph-garden-c
  • telegraph-garden-d
  • telegraph-garden-e
  • telegraph-garden-f
  • telegraph-garden-g
  • telegraph-garden-h
  • telegraph-garden-i
  • telegraph-garden-j



A Japanese garden in Germany

Japanese gardens are accessible pictures of landscapes. Perspectives are created with great meticulousness and the impression of space is created, even in the smallest of spaces. The Japanese Art section for trees is called NIWAKI (picture 2). Here trees are animated over the years to a particular habit. On the one hand they are repeatedly transplanted, to determine the direction of growth towards the light. On the other hand one forms templates for the branches and leaves, and brings them with the help of weights and lines to the right hight and in the desired angle.

  • a-japanischer-garten
  • b-japanischer-garten
  • c-japanischer-garten
  • d-japanischer-garten
  • e-japanischer-garten
  • f-japanischer-garten
  • g-japanischer-garten
  • h-japanischer-garten
  • i-japanischer garten
  • j-japanischer-garten