What is Chi - Qi - Ki- Prana?

chi qi ki prana

All these terms refer to an Asian perception for which there is no German word. Chi is a subtle, intelligent energy, the essence of all life.

Is Chi vital force?

The translation "vital force" does not match the full sense, because our understanding of "vital" is limited to living things. In fact, it means that everything that exists is permeated by Chi, including stones, garbage or graves.
Prana  is  Sanskrit and is translated as "life energy" or "breath". The term Ki comes from Japan and Chi or Qi are the common expressions in China.


Chi is tangible

Chi is much more than a philosophical concept, because Chi is tangible. One can experience it through exercises of Qi-Gong or Taiji and as a spatial perception by Feng Shui. Feng Shui deals with analyzing and changing Chi. Essential is the comprehension of yin and yang as well as the Five Elements Cycle to understand the differentiation and influence of Chi.

The counterpart to Eastern Feng Shui is the Western Geomancy, which came to Europe around 1200 AD by translating Arabic texts. Geomancer work with the local force - also called the soul of the place. In earlier times, no church was built or a village was founded without a geomancer having identified the best place for it.


We combine Eastern and Western methods

As an Imperial Feng Shui expert, geomancer and radiesthesist as well as Reiki master, electrobiologist, interior designer and garden designer we have unique competence in dealing with Chi. Our analyzes go far beyond Feng Shui know-how and deliver precise and integral solutions.