Feng Shui for hotels

feng shui for hotels


Feng Shui for hotels is Champions League

Hotels are business enterprises whose core product is the well-being of their guests. This means that both polarities of the energy must be optimized. Usually in the business sector the yang strengthens the flow of money and in the private or health sector the yin for the regeneration.

We are trained in Imperial Feng Shui, that is the knowledge that was practised and taught exclusively at the Chinese Imperial Palace. It includes methods for complex buildings and offers elegant, going far beyond the methodology for single-family homes. In addition, we master the assessment of land, Feng Shui garden design and many other Eastern and Western disciplines for the cultivation of body, space and mind.

Spatially, hotels have many facets that want to be individually designed. It is not just about forming rooms for the guests and big lobbies, calculating the optimal position of pools, designing outdoor facilities. Also spas, fitness rooms, restaurants or the bar each have their own flair and are  holons, which means that they are wholes and at the same time part of a bigger whole. We enjoy complex tasks with as many facets as possible, which is why hotels are our favorite field of activity.


Harmoniously combine corporate design and local power

Many houses belong to a brand that wants to preserve its recognition value. Nevertheless, the character of the respective country and its culture should also be perceptible. We analyze the forces of nature at the location and use them to develop design concepts that can be implemented in any desired style. Feng Shui is a methodology similar to mathematics, not a design theory with its own designs. If you know books or websites that give Feng Shui tips with accessories, it has nothing to do with authentic Feng Shui, which we advise.

When landscaping, it goes without saying that you choose plants that are well adapted to the climate. The interior design is not different. Guests want a country-style atmosphere that is both professional and carries the signature of each house.


Feng Shui for hotels includes many options

We are often asked to solve a specific problem, such as boosting sales at a bar that is not performing well. With such experience, customers learn to  understand the workings of Feng Shui better and commission the next project earlier, at the planning stage.

Of course, it is ideal if the entire area was analyzed and built under Feng Shui aspects. But even later, many things can be optimized, some with very little effort. Since hotels are in any case in need of major renovation, any transformation can be upgraded by improving Feng Shui.
It is also possible to mark individual areas that have been consistently developed under Feng Shui aspects and therefore have a particularly high level of health-promoting chi. These can be individual rooms or even a health-related department such as the massage area. With special chill or meditation zones, you can offer our guests innovative offers.

 hotel feng shui


Develop market niches for hotels with Feng Shui

The awareness and appreciation of Feng Shui is very different in different countries. Globalization helps ensure that houses with good Feng Shui can gain a competitive edge. Even people who have not previously had experience with Feng Shui, feel a significant added value of well-being. Connoisseurs are more likely to choose a house with good Feng Shui and opponents of esoteric themes will not feel bothered, because we do not use "Feng Shui accessories", but only with the interior design to bring the energy to flow.

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