Expertise of Feng Shui Flow

expertise Western and Eastern

Silke Nierfeld studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and practices extensively. Those revolve around vital energy (Chi), the cultivation of the body (matter or room) and the mind, health and a long life as well as personal development (transformation).

  • Imperial Feng Shui Practitioner in line with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

    Five-year studies of classical Feng Shui with Master Chan and other teachers
    Certified by the International Feng Shui Academy (IFSA)
    Authentic knowledge which used to be reserved to the Imperial Palace
    Lineage: direct lineage of knowledge from the masters to their student until 960 AD
    Special methods to calculate complexer buildings like hospitals or headquarters
    Potent techniques to activate energy and create stable environments
  • Yuen Hom - The Mystery of the Void

    Known as the High Art of Feng Shui in China
    A differentiated technique to analyse rooms and landscapes
    Combines all three qualities of Chi - divine, human and material to one complex framework
    Cuts to the very problem of a situation
    Allows for precise and elegant solutions that go beyond the scope of conventional methods
  • BaZi Suanming - The Four Pillars of Destiny

    The energetic profil of a person – no Chinese Horoscope!
    A unique technique to identify individual potentials
    Immediate benefit by knowing your supporting elements 
    Adjustment of the interior design based on the individuals energetic needs
    Qualified coaching with regards to personal decisions - encouragement of children's developments, supporting hobbies, choice of career, relationships, family planning, crisis intervention 
  • Master Initiation in Usui-Reiki 
    Japanese Method to Transmit Universal Vital Energy

    Reiki is one of the oldest techniques to unite the resonances of the body, mind and soul
    Dr. Mikao Usui revived the Tibet-based method in the 19th century
    Its main use is not the healing of illnesses, but the strengthening of existing talents, the balance of the mind, the health of the body and subsequently happiness
  • Geomancy -  the Western Feng Shui

    Literally the „prophecy of the earth“, geomancy deals primarily with the caption of a place's energy
    Prevalent in Europe since the 12th century thanks to Arabian translations
    Radiesthesia – the finding of water veins, faults and grid structures is one of its main components
    Geomancers (water diviners) have all along estimated suitable (high energy) places for churches and places of prayer
    Radiating sites can create pathological effects and are not suitable for sleeping
    Validation of material characteristics and testing of tolerances with tensors
  • Landscaping with regard to Geomancy and Feng Shui

    Harmonic modelling of gardens and front lawns at your desire and style
    Increasing the energy level in- and outside with Imperial Feng Shui and landscape acupuncture (Yuen Hom)
    Structure and clarity in- and outside, good seating arrangements and easy maintenance
    Integration of the earth energy, e.g. energy sites and water veins into the modelling
    Avoidance of unsuitable locations for large plants with geomantic study
    Calculation of the exact positioning of water for the optimal support of the Chi
    Basic knowledge of Japanese garden planning
  • Interior Design

    Familiarity with the furniture sector from High Class to Ikea
    Attendance of national and international design, furniture and light fairs
    Know-How on room acoustics, light design and light therapy
    Linkage of color psychology and Feng Shui color theory to harmonic color concepts
    Furniture scouting and arrangement of your present furniture
  • Geo-/ Electrobiology

    Radiasthetic detection of geobiologically relevant radiation points in the earth
    Physical measurement of electric and magnetic fields
    Consultation on reducing electric smog
    Rehabilitation of sleeping and working places
    Magnetic resonance therapy
  • Management Expertise

    Twenty years of experience in project management, marketing and sales
    Continuous self-employment even in executive positions, entrepreneurial DNA
    Familiarity with complex tasks and new challenges
    Longstanding cooperation in adverstising and promotion agencies, well-versed in marketing babble
    Entrepreneur in the textile business, expert on fashion, textile and colors
  • Additional Knowledge

    Aroma therapy - room scenting with etherical oils
    Aura-Soma - a high-energy system of colors, crystals and scents
    Autogenic Training - a relaxation technique
    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - alleviation of negative emotion by tapping on meridian points
    Food is Medicine - substantiated knowledge on different diets
    Qigong - one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    Space Clearing - the energetic cleaning of rooms with incenses and Reiki
    Systemic Family Constellations - resolving of subconscious blocks and fears anchored in the family system
    Yoga - one of six teachings of Indian philosophy coupled with physical exercises (asanas)
  • Certificates

  • a-feng-shui-consultant
  • b-imperial-feng-shui-practitioner
  • c-yuen-hom-I
  • d-yuen-hom-II
  • e-imperial-bazi-suanming
  • f-reiki-grad-1
  • g-reiki-grad-2
  • h-meister-grad-reiki
  • i-geomantie-kompakt
  • j-rutengaenger
  • k-radiaesthesie-der-wellenlaengen
  • l-energetische-testverfahren
  • m-bioinformative-medizin
  • n-elektrobiologin
  • o-feng-shui-gartenplanung
  • p-geomantische-garten-gestaltung
  • q-japan-garten-seminar
  • r-farbe-und-material
  • s-raumharmonie
  • t-zeichnen-in-der-gartengestaltung
  • u-BCCMC