Analyzing real estate according to Feng Shui

analyzing real estate according to feng shui

Well-being in rooms depends primarily on the vitality of the rooms and not on the furnishings. Good Feng Shui is like tailwind, things are easier to handle, well-being, health and success are supported. We analyze land and real estate - commercial and private - on their vitality potential and the individual suitability for their potential tenants / owners. This  provides confidence for buyers. Our unique selling point is that we can make reliable statements even before a property is built.


Real estate analysis under feng shui aspects

Feng Shui is never just good or bad, it has many contradictory aspects that need to be analyzed accurately. With our real estate analysis, we give customers the opportunity to get a reliable initial estimate with low cost. The worse an object is, the less our effort is to judge it. Every method that we use in the analysis is part of a complete Feng Shui consultation, so that it is correspondingly cheaper, if you decide in a further step.


Well chosen is half won

The possibilities to change Feng Shui are limited. That is why choosing the right property that energetically supports your own needs is the most important aspect. Afterwards, the harmonization of energies takes place through interior design and furnishing.

We advise business and private customers on the construction, acquisition, use and optimization of real estate in the field of feng shui, interior design, landscaping and also the electro- and geobiological health prevention.