What is Lineage?


Lineage is the family tree of a Feng Shui Master. In China, it is common for centuries to pass on knowledge solely within the family from one generation to the next. We too were student of a renowned lineage.

The Continuation of the Lineage has Top Priority

Keeping knowledge secret and building up their own styles was common not only in Feng Shui, but also in the Martial Arts. Taiqi alone has formed over sixty different family styles.

If a master had no children of his own, he sought one or more students to continue the tradition. The relationship between master and student was very close and they often spent decades together. There were no rules for the progress of training. The master decided when his student was ready for the next step. To ask questions to the Master was mostly not possible.


The Meaning of Lineage 

In Asia, one is very proud to be part of a lineage, it is the highest reference. My teacher Grandmaster Chan Kun Wah is also part of a lineage that can be tracked from the imperial court during the Song Dynasty 960 - 1279.


Disadvantages of Lineage

Within a lineage there is little adaptation to change. Tradition is most important, modernization and critical engagement do not really take place. In this context, one can mention dogmatization, which takes place very subtly.
After completing Imperial Feng Shui studies, we studied many other styles, from Germany, Switzerland, Asia and the USA and thus got to know different perspectives on Feng Shui. It is not possible to mix different approaches, but deliberate engagement with other perspectives leads to clarity and stringency in one's own approach.