Assess the land — build your dream home

assess the land

A good plot is the foundation for your dream home. We assess land with radiesthetic, geomantic, and Feng Shui methods in terms of their vitality potential and their individual fit for future residents. With our interdisciplinary expertise, you not only make a good purchasing decision, you also lay the baseline for optimal Feng Shui in your future home.


The plot determines the Feng Shui

The Feng Shui of a property depends primarily on the orientation of the building. A plot of land where you can freely decide how to align the house offers countless options. Unfortunately this is not the rule, almost always the directions of a building lot are given.

Defining the back of the house (named "site" in Feng Shui which is the reference point for YIN) the planning can start. Good Feng Shui means the balance of yin and yang. Since the yin is already fixed, the position of the front door in the yang is an important aspect for the flow of Chi in the home. Even with the tightest terraced house planning, the door position can be changed and thus the Feng Shui significantly improved.

Another important analysis point is the entry of energy into the property, the so-called Double Mountain. By positioning a gate or a hedge, which changes the chi entry, the energy can be optimized with minimal effort.

Advantages of a Feng Shui construction planning

In fact, we are able to tell you in which room of a not yet built property you will feel very well and in which less. In every house there are good and less good areas, which is not conceivable otherwise in a holistic system.
We determine the good areas and advise you (and your architect) how they can be used for bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms. The less good ones are improved and planned for stairwells, dressing rooms or bathrooms.
The professional Feng Shui planning significantly increases the vitality of the property, which is tangible added value and sustained support for health, well-being and also success. If authentic Feng Shui and its effect is new territory for you, you will find helpful information in our blog under the menu item introduction.


The potential of the property consists of general and individual aspects

The orientation of the property and the freedom from fault zones, which we describe in detail below, give the general potential. Most people are not aware that real estate also has an individual fit.

Buildings are not good or bad per se (exceptions confirm the rule). They are more or less suitable for specific people or business areas. There are energies that would be excellent for the operation of a sauna club, but are not recommended for a kindergarten. There are also properties that offer great areas for people belonging to the Eastern group (group association is dependent on the date of birth), but don´t provide a single proper bedroom for a West-group member. 

We already check good sleeping areas for all residents with the assessment of the land, because this is at least as important as the personal wishes and ideas.


The procedure of a land assessment


Do you also have the construction of a property on your wish list? We advise you free of charge and without obligation about our land assessment, which only we offer in this compact, interdisciplinary and sustainable form. You can contact us at 069.42603751 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..