Examples Feng Shui garden concepts

example feng shui garden concept

We want to illustrate by means of implemented projects that Feng Shui landscping is extremely complex. A good concept arises on the basis of the energetic structure, which is then designed. Many details have to be tuned so that a garden is not just a collection of plants, but a designed space.


Feng Shui garden concepts are full of details

To turn a green space into a garden, a structure is needed that we develop from the local forces and the needs of our customers. There are also many other aspects involved that play a role. The color of flowers at each location, the energetic quality of materials and also the personality of our customers. 


First example: three professions - three design approaches

How an architect, a landscape gardener and an Imperial Feng Shui consultant plan a front yard.

One older house was extended and renovated, the requirements of the front yard were:
- Delimitation of the road, as there is no sidewalk
- Space for the dustbin
- Connecting to the rear garden
- Attractive appearance


  • a-architektenentwurf
  • b-gala-bauer
  • c-imperial-berechnungen
  • d-feng-shui-plan
  • e-konzept



The garden design with Imperial Feng Shui looks attractive, is more favorable than the plans of architect and landscaping gardener, and makes a significant contribution to the energy upgrading of the property. This difference can be felt. Please find the concept in English here.


Example 2: a Feng Shui garden compensates for unfavorable site conditions

- The property has a difficult, tubular shape right at a main road
- The previous garden is an unstructured collection of incompatible plants
- The materials are a wild mix
- The position of the welll is actually favorable, a lucky coincidence
- The new garden should bring peace and stability and require low maintenance

For this project we were commissioned with the design and project management. The client wished for a complete and harmonious solution. Except for some hedg plant nearly all plants were removed, excavation work was carried out and our recommended plant choices were implemented. 


  • a_konzept
  • b_plan
  • c_laengsseite_vorher
  • d_laengsseite_entwurf
  • f_umsetzung
  • g_umsetzung
  • h_rueckseite_vorher
  • i_rueckseite_entwurf
  • j_rueckseite_umsetzung
  • k_terrassenplatz_vorher
  • l_terrassenplatz_entwurf
  • m_terrassenplatz_umsetzung
  • n_vorgarten_vorher
  • o_vorgarten_entwurf
  • p_vorgarten_umsetzung
  • q-pflanzenauswahl_1
  • r-pflanzenauswahl-2
  • s-pflanzenauswahl-3




A difference like day and night, with manageable costs and very low maintenance effort. A complete solution is usually much easier to design than integrating many, old elements.

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