Penthouse - a dream with drawbacks

penthaus penthouse

Penthouses have a charm that is hard to resist. Many penthouses are well suited as business premises, but not for private living. Due to their construction, they have some dark sides, which we will illuminate here, so that you can make a conscious decision.


The penthouse as a place of longing

Most people describe the feeling of being up in the air and having a wide view as freedom or grandeur. It is a wonderful experience, which does not diminish. From Feng Shui point of view, the energy of the height is assigned to the element wood. This enjoyment has such a powerful effect on some people that they completely obscure the disadvantages of an object and later contend with their decision. We want to prevent that.


A penthouse has a lot of Yang energy

Yin and Yang are the polarities of the vital force Chi. An open design, large windows and lots of light let more Yang energy (chi) circulate in the penthouse than in a normal apartment. This already makes the furnishing of the rooms a challenge, because good seats need back protection. A sofa in front of the window as in our picture is not a good feeling for the inhabitant.


Well-being arises in the balance of Yin and Yang

In our digital, globalized world, people are constantly exposed to faster, stimulating Yang energy. Stress and burnout are the consequences of the missing Yin. A home with balanced Feng Shui contributes to long-term well-being, but this balance is much harder to achieve in a penthouse. Formally there is no protection in the outside and no clear orientation of active and passive. In a loft-like design of the object, it is even more difficult to create a good bedroom and other places of retreat.


Problems of penthouses we have experienced

  • Missing areas through supply rooms
  • Stagnant flow of energy because of merging apartments
  • Large unusable areas due to roof shape (dead space)
  • Stairs in Tai Chi at gallery apartments
  • Missing storage areas
  • Bad Feng Shui due to missing Yin


We protect you from a wrong decision

Whether private rooms or offices, we experience again and again that customers are attracted to a penthouse and simply overlook the shortcomings that are sometimes really serious. Here we are not even talking about Feng Shui but about too low door frames, damp walls, missing areas and sloppy repairs. As a neutral expert on real estate and well-being, we have a different perspective and show you the pros and cons, so that you make a good decision. Some penthouse is a great place to work and celebrate, but not to live, sleep and regenerate. Would you also like to optimize your rooms? We are happy to advise you in the selection and design of rooms for your needs. Contact us at 069.42603751.