Range of Services

range of services from  feng shui flow

Feng Shui Flow offers comprehensive solutions: 
Analysis, design, consulting and implementation from a single source


  • Location Analysis

    Assistance in the search for property and real estate
    Evaluation of objects, calculation of the optimization effort
    Creation of real estate expert assessment for buyers and sellers
  • Project / Conversion Planning

    We advise you on the architectural design of your property
    Subtle and substantive examination of property and building
    Optimized space utilization, sustainability and health at all levels
  • Business Consulting

    Marketing consulting, brand strategy, logo design, corporate identity (CI)
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR), employer branding
    Sales activation, future works, change management
    Healthy workplaces, occupational health management
    Making coporate values com alive
  • Individual Potentiality

    Identification of individual potentials and supportive energies by BaZi Suanming
    Coaching and crisis intervention
    Implementation of individual support in interior design  and landscaping
  • Date Selection

    Calculation of individual effective dates for weddings, operations, contracting, start of constructions or other important occurrences
    Consultation for private and business matters
    Several methods including the complex calculation with hexagrams of the I Ging
  • Interior Design

    Creation of color and design concepts, implementation of CI
    Advice for lighting design and acoustics
    Furnishing concepts for office, medical practice, hotel and private
    Furniture scouting and placement of your existing furniture
  • Geomancy

    Detection of geobiological exposures
    Working with the soul of the place (local energy)
    Harmonious combination of landscape, buildings and people (companies)
  • Electrobiology

    Measurement of electromagnetic exposures and advice for reducing
    Examination of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Landscaping

    Redesigning or modifying the outside facilities according to your wishes
    Integral garden concepts in every style
    Landscaping acupuncture for energetic support of the building
  • Project Management

    Commissioning and coordination of maintenance groups
    Control of project handling
  • Lectures

    We provide information and advice on the topics of animal health, roost renovation, rooms for high sensitive / AD(H)D patients, health hazards through electromagnetic pollution
    Landscaping on the principles of Feng Shui
    Feng Shui for business, workplace of the future, health as an economic factor
    Feng Shui in real estate
    Please contact us if you are interested in a presentation on another topic