The History of Reiki

usui reiki

A young priest wanted to find out how Jesus had healed and discovered Reiki.

The story of Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui is told as follows: Dr. Usui was the head of a small university in Kyoto and also priest. He wanted to find out how Jesus had healed, and he devoted his life to answering this question.

Controversial is the question whether he was Christian faith. Dr. Usui left the university and went to the US to study old languages in Chicago ​​to be able to read original texts of ancient wisdom methods. He found out, that Buddha had also possessed the power of healing.

After he had returned to Japan he was looking in monasteries for the answer how the healing by hands works. There he found little support because the monasteries were busy with the healing of the mind and did not care for the healing of the physical body. Finally, he stayed in a Zen monastery and studied the sutras, Buddhist scriptures, which dealed in detail  with preventive health measures. He found symbols in the records and the description of how Buddha had healed.

Dr. Usui believed to have reached the goal because he had rediscovered the ancient knowledge. Soon, however, he noticed that his power to heal was still missing. Convinced to find the solution in meditation, he spent twenty-one days on the sacred Mount Kurama fasting  and meditating. After twenty days he still had not found an answer but then a bright beam flooded him and threw him to the ground, a satori moment happened. He saw the symbols in the light bubbles which he already knew.

On the way back from the mountain he injured his foot badly so that he could not go further. Holding the bleeding foot with both hands pain reliefed quickly and the bleeding decreased, he could continue his way. On the same day he cured a girl of severe toothache and shortly after his friend the abbot of Zen monastery by an arthritis attack. The force to heal was so strong now that he could cure patients with just one treatment. (Multiple sessions are common in Reiki). The next seven years Usui spent in a slum in Japan. He helped many people to overcome sickness, the loss of earnings,  and to improve their situation significantly.

After a few years, he noted with dismay,  that a  vast number of people who had been cured were back in the poor condition as before. First there was no explanation, but then he realized, that he had indeed healed the physical body, but that he could not change the attitude to life. The people lacked gratitude and the awareness that things  went well for them. As a consequence, Dr. Usui healed only people who were really interested in a change and even grateful. He gave them the five Reiki principles.