How does Feng Shui work?

wie funktioniert feng shui

Authentic Feng Shui methods analyze the vital energy chi, balance and transform it so that people feel more comfortable and healthier in their rooms.

First Step - Finding Good Energy

In Feng Shui the house is regarded as a living organism that has to absorb fresh energy (Chi) and emit the used one. Chi is on the outside, it is generated by nature and is linked to the directions. As not every Chi is good thus the orientation of the house and the position of the entrance are of great importance to tap good energy for the house. The first rule in Feng Shui is: Find the good energy. Choosing the right building or property therefore is the top priority.


The rule of three of good Feng Shui is:
Find the good energy, balance and spread it.

Silke Nierfeld - Feng Shui Flow


Second Step - Balancing the Energy

The energy of a place depends on many aspects. Perceptible things are subsumed under the term Form School. These include the landscape, mountains, rivers, flora, topography, neighborhood development, noise and also the smell.

The Compass School analyzes the intake of energy (Yang) and the ability to keep this (Yin). Reference points at the house as well as the entry of the energy to the premises are measured with a compass (Lo Pan). The quality of power in the interior and exterior is determined by using different methods of calculation. Here the Chi is distinguished not only in the polarities of yin and yang, but also in the Five Elements. The house is divided in nine zones called Baqua. In every Baqua the energy is different, several aspects coincide which can already be harmonious but may also be unbalanced or clashing. By adding missing elements or deriving excessive energy - through colors, shapes and materials of the interior design - the energy is balanced.



Third Step - Spreading the Energy

A house has no pump to distribute the energy actively. Energy flows - as well as in the human body - on interconnects, called meridians. Meandering energy is optimal, because that is the natural form of movement of water and chi. Neither too fast flow (throughput) nor a faltering river can supply all areas well. The interior design can influence the flow of energy, but not with small mirrors or similar frippery, but through walls, doors, furniture, light etc. The design of the house and garden according to the principles of Feng Shui supports the objective of the meridians and ensures optimum distribution of the energy. 



Furthermore - Avoiding Inauspicious Areas

The forces which rule within the Earth can be analysed by means of dowsing. Phenomena such as water veins or rock quarries cause a disturbance of the natural magnetic field of the earth. To sleep at such energies permanently has pathogenic aspects. The high vibration prevents the regeneration of the human body during sleep. These topics do not belong to Feng Shui but to geomancy or dowsing, in which we are also trained.



The Aim

The aim of Feng Shui is to supply rooms with the forces of nature so that people feel better and live healthier in them. Living beings are always in mutual exchange with their environment. Therefore, good Feng Shui is an investment in health, performance and quality of life that is guaranteed to pay off.