What is Feng Shui?

what is feng shui

Feng Shui are the forces of nature and at the same time an empirical science from ancient China, to analyze and harmonize these natural forces.

The original name of Feng Shui is Kan Yu

Kan Yu means "watching heaven and earth" and this is very applicable, because it is all about the harmonization of the three entities space, time and man. The sky represents temporal influences, the earth the space. Man with his individual energetic pattern is always influenced by space and time. Another phrase for "we were lucky" is to say "been at the right place at the right time". Feng Shui is dedicated to exactly this fact.

Feng Shui means "Wind and Water"

Later the term Feng Shui has become popular and expresses that energy (Chi) is dispersed by wind and collected by water. It is synonymous with yin and yang, the two polarities of Chi that are responsible for generating new energy.


Feng Shui is for the soul,
not for the eyes.




How did Feng Shui emerge?

Already in 3,000 BC. Feng Shui developed from the observation of nature and its laws. The Chinese regarded the cosmos  as a self-generating and -regulating organism. The vital energy Chi has been recognized and appreciated as an essential factor for success, welfare and health.


Yin Feng Shui - good places for the deceased

The original objective of Feng Shui was the dignified burial of the dead (Yin Feng Shui). Because the conviction was that a happy life could only be achieved with the blessing of the ancestors, which one requested through a particularly good burial place.


Feng Shui to maintain power

Soon, however, the rulers recognized how effective Feng Shui is and used it to maintain their power and forbade it to the people, they even spread deliberately misinformation. It should serve only the Imperial Palace and was also taught exclusively there. We are experts of this Imperial Feng Shui.


Authentic Feng Shui is science - not esotericism

Even today Feng Shui still has the nimbus of a secret science. The actual meaning of esotericism (esoteric "inwardly") refers to content that was only accessible to a limited, inner circle of people. Therefore, Feng Shui is very esoteric in its original meaning. Today, however, esotericism is equated with unscientificness, and you cannot blame Feng Shui for that. Like psychology, Feng Shui is an experiential science that has existed for much longer and has been carefully documented.